The Komierowo Palace

The mansion held by the Komierowski family is a boutique hotel with a rich history. The palace walls remember Baroque and the family history dates back to the beginnings of the Polish state during the rule of Mieszko I. Today, we share our legacy with you and invite to this unique site where the old Polish customs intertwine with the modern elegance. Our Visitors are offered a fully equipped hotel in a renovated palace which is perfect for family relax or unforgettable weekend in the Tuchola Forest.


Piotr Komierowski & Agnieszka Komierowska-Ziomek

The Komierowski family understood, that civic obligations are, above all, to work towards the improvement of people’s existence, care for the national culture and upbringing citizens. For over a thousand years our ancestral property was multiplied, and the farm – except for short periods – well managed. We felt it was our duty to restore this legacy. Hospitality, family atmosphere and comfort are at heart of our values.

Anna Komierowska-Szweycer

Founder of  Yoga Retreatment
After many years of intense work for corporate companies, I felt an immense need to slow down, step back, regenerate my body, pursue my dreams, and truly live, here and now. With that, I decided to create my own space which combines passion, lifestyle, and a will to share what is best with the world. This is how the Yoga Retreatment came to be, bringing together all my favourite ways to rest and relax: yoga, meditation, gong concerts, contact with nature, and spending time in a beautiful and incredibly comfortable place.
We believe that to really relax, first of all you need to feel good. With a specially prepared agenda, the Yoga Retreatment getaways and online courses will allow you to rest and forget about a stressful reality, allowing your body to fully regenerate.

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