Ramiro Auat

Ramiro Auat – Chef | Sustainable Gastronomy

First, farmer, born and raised in a family which dedicated its life to agriculture, so this is my first and inherited vocation. Second, a professional cook who decided to change his restaurant in Buenos Aires, 3 years ago, for a complete and radical new life in Bali motivated by the lifestyle and deep culture of this particular place. And regarding food, I consider my big lesson in Bali is connected to the organic agriculture and the practice of a sustainable way to grow food. I worked until I was 25 as a graphic and TV journalist producer in Argentina, while exploring at my real vocation for food, passed on by my  grandmother.
Kembali Int. In 2020 I created with two other partners this company,  We combined each other’s skills (Architecture, Tourism and Gastronomy) to offer Consulting Services for hotels and restaurants with a focus on Sustainable Solutions that include organic farming.

The Food Action Bali /  Founder and Farm Operations Director of this Non Profit Organization, created in march 2020. With Balinese and expats partners we are developing a “Grow & Share” startup based on a crowdfunding initiative.

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Ramiro Auat

Ramiro Auat – Chef | Sustainable Gastronomy First, farmer, born


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