Emerson Zanzibar

Emerson Zanzibar is formed by two boutique hotels in Stone Town, Emerson Spice and Emerson on Hurumzi along with Emerson’s Foundation for Zanzibar. Both hotels have a rooftop Tea House restaurant offering different dining experiences. Emerson Spice offers a daily changing five course seafood based tasting dinner and in Emerson on Hurumzi seating is Swahili Style on thick Persian rugs with low tables, and musicians from the Dhow Countries Music Academy perform during dinner. The menu comprises delicious authentic Zanzibari cuisine fused with oriental Persian and Omani influences. Emerson Spice also hosts the Secret Garden restaurant, located in the secluded, walled garden space. In the Secret Garden, meals are served from an a la carte menu. Since it’s inception Emerson Zanzibar has had a huge heart for the community and the environment, and it is certified by Responsible Tourism Tanzania. Emerson Zanzibar is proud to work with people from various backgrounds, each with their own talents, which contributes to its success. The daily operations are managed by local managers in both Emerson Spice and Emerson on Hurumzi. Emerson Zanzibar is a home-grown brand located in the World Heritage Site of Stone Town, where culture, history, design and art have richly fused together to create exclusive award-winning experiences.

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