The Komierowo Palace

The mansion held by the Komierowski family is a boutique hotel with a rich history. The palace walls remember Baroque and the family history dates back to the beginnings of the Polish state during the rule of Mieszko I. Today, we share our legacy with you and invite to this unique site where the old […]

Ramiro Auat

Ramiro Auat – Chef | Sustainable Gastronomy First, farmer, born and raised in a family which dedicated its life to agriculture, so this is my first and inherited vocation. Second, a professional cook who decided to change his restaurant in Buenos Aires, 3 years ago, for a complete and radical new life in Bali motivated […]


Batida is something more than aromatic coffee, modern desserts or exquisite cakes. Batida is a place where, since 1990, family traditions have been combined with the latest pastry trends. Zero waste policy At Batida, Head Pastry Chef, Mira Bogucka and Executive Chef, Marzena Hajn use products until the very end. Examples: we make breadcrumbs from our […]


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights This book is a celebration of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Using illustrations, Michel Streich transforms a legal document into an enjoyable little book. He also contributes a short essay about the Declaration at the end of the book. While working on the opening of a […]

Zanzi Resort

Zanzi Resort sits on the edge of the Indian Ocean, 15 km from the historic Stone Town and 30 minutes from the airport. Thirteen spacious, artistically designed villas and bungalows offer an intimate environment with patios, some featuring private pools. The resort, spread over six hectares of plush tropical gardens, has an excellent in-house restaurant […]

How it started

It was during my college years that I realized there should more to business than just business. Of course, making a profit is the main goal of every company, but this comes with some responsibilities to stakeholders. I wrote my Master’s dissertation at the Institut Paul Bocuse about CSR in hospitality and the competitive advantage […]